How To Do A 5 Lug Conversion the Right Way! Project EP3


The rear hubs for a base RSX and a Type-S are the same.  Either way, they bolt right into the EP3 with no issues.  We got the rear hubs from Centric Parts as well. 

To make everything work correctly, we needed the knuckles, tie rod ends, and all the related hardware from a 2002-2004 RSX Type-S. We got genuine Acura parts from a discount genuine Acura parts website which was about 30% cheaper than what our local dealer wanted for the same stuff.

Our RSX Type-S knuckles accommodated the larger wheel bearings and came with new ball joints. 

One thing to note is that the 2005-2006 RSX Type-S has a larger stud on the ball joint and won't fit an EP3 lower control arm. You would have switch lower control arms as well to make the swap. Make sure you get 2002-2004 knuckles. 

The RSX Type-S tie rod ends are larger and have bigger studs. The steering arms of our Fortune Auto struts are from the RSX and require these, as their tie rod tapers are larger. The bigger tie rod ends are stronger and can tolerate load better. 


  1. Hey Mike,

    Was curious with the Type-S Knuckle having a larger ball joint stud can they still be swapped out for the HARDRACE roll center adjusters to fit the EP3 Si lower control arm?

    1. 2002-2004 knuckles have the correct size ball joint 2005-2006 have the larger spindle needing different roll center adjusters but Hardrace has those too.

  2. Did this myself on a EP3 although I went for a full TypeR replacement(30mill wider now) R knuckles front+back, aluminum LCA’s, R driveshafts, sway bar etc but i ended up selling the front+rear brembo calipers and brackets and installed TypeS variants instead, I dont race it.. and I dont need 17inch minimum size rims with a wide offset(stock) on a civic.

    Fun fact, Rear TypeR lateral arms sway bar end link bracket is flipped around compared to regular EP3 civic lateral arm so to make the endlinks work in the rear all you do is flip the sides sway bar end links(right to left and left to right) for a perfect fit 🙂 Honda feature right there.
    (PS front swaybar must be TypeR since its longer if you are going for the better LCAs with more caster stock)

    This was a good read, because it matched what I went through

  3. If I already purchased roll center adjusting ball joints for my ep3 am I to understand that they will not fit into the type S components if I did the type S brake swap?

    Thanks, you are a huge help with these videos and articles

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