Hypertech REACT Revisited


So here is the annoying lurching and TC activation oscillation.  This happens with like 1/8 throttle on damp ground like this.  The REACT is set on the stock position which I swear is still better than actually stock!  This is also me trying to be smooth and not let the truck run away into a full bog.  This is perhaps the best case for most people with the stock pedal.

This is with the REACT in straight-up Economy Mode, the truck now moves out smartly and smoothly and I can now surf the traction control activation point to where it is just barely intervening.  I used to think the factory traction control was junk and had a lot of hysteresis in the control loop but now I realize that it is just the way the pedal control was mapped.

Some Tundra owners rave about other pedal controllers that dial in a more aggressive throttle map but I don’t see how that is possible, well they don’t have the supercharger I guess.  I did try REACTs more aggressive street map and perhaps I would use it on the track but how often is someone going to do a track day or autocross in a big 4×4 pickup truck? Where the more aggressive map works well is when towing a trailer, it helps the truck move out a bit nicer.  I think for drag racing I would still probably like this econ mode so I could control wheelspin off the line better!  I like economy mode for driving off-road as well because of the ease of controlling wheel spin.

Econ Mode works so well for me that, I hardly do anything other than a few clicks either way on the gain knob and I have never bothered to try to remap any of the modes with the available from Hypertech software.

One of my friends who works at the Toyota Technical center told me that Toyota changed the throttle mapping for the Tundra in 2014 presumably to get rid of some of the annoying characteristics I hate but in tow mode, the aggressive throttle map of the 2007-2013 trucks remains.  I can get aboard with that as it is similar to my experiences with the REACT.  However the supercharged Tundra probably needs more throttle damping, that’s probably why I like Econ Mode so much.

If you think I am gushing, you are right, it easily fixed something that pissed me off every time I stepped on the gas!  I liked the REACT so much, now I want to try it on other drive-by-wire cars!




  1. Hey there!! I was guy responsible for the calibration in those units, actually everything Hypertech made for a long time. We created the Economy and softer tunes specifically for the reasons you listed in your article! Really pleased to see feedback on my true underlying intentions there.

    Just had to drop a line, I’ve been a fan of yours since the SCC days, still have the mags even. This is some high praise!! Like hearing a song you wrote on the radio or something, lol.

    Love everything you guys are doing, still follow it all and the YT videos. I’ve had a whole bunch of AE86’s and other old Toyotas, thanks for the 4A video, even though you hate them. 🙂

    Keep up the great work and making honest material! Still a source of truth after all these years. Love it.


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