Hyundai 4B11 Arrives at Cosworth

My buddy Simon at Hyundai arranged for us to examine a Hyundai 4B11 in depth at Cosworth. We’ll dig into it and see if our components will work with the Hyundai version. We have a 2.2L stroker kit, pistons, rods, cams, valve springs, etc. for the Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11T. Tri-metal engine bearings and CNC ported big valve cylinder head are just a couple months behind. Hopefully most of it crosses over so some Hyundai owners can buy into some instant Cosworth gratification.

From the outside, the Hyundai 4B appears like a pretty standard 4 banger turbo engine. At first glance it reminds me of the Mazda MZR or the Ford Duratec with the aluminum block, head, and black plastic valve cover.

The minuscule turbo only needs to make 210bhp so it isn’t very big. The turbine housing is one piece with the exhaust manifold and the recirculating blow off valve is integrated into the compressor housing. No need to worry because the turbo is probably going to be one of the first things that needs changing. Garrett? ATP? You guys on this or what?

The intake manifold has a fairly small plenum. It’s volume is definitely smaller than the EVO X plenum, but once again the engine is originally designed for 210bhp. The plastic fuel rail is nice to keep fuel temperatures low though.

The clutch cover is a strange one with the various width fingers on the diaphragm. I hear that ACT is on a clutch and flywheel package. I have a feeling the only Japanese multi-clutch manufacturer who will jump on this one is going to be OS Giken. OS has been doing a really good job with covering the non-popular and European applications with both LSDs and multi-plate clutches.

There are already images of the Hyundai 4B internals somewhere on the web. As I said, they are fairly ordinary internals and will not take too much abuse. The word “cast” would be used almost everywhere to describe the internal construction of the Hyundai 4B, but with some Cosworth internals, proper turbo, intercooler, ECU, etc. I’m sure the Hyundai can be made to be a better car.

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