IMPROVED RACING Crank Scrapers For LS Engines

IMPROVED RACING Crank Scrapers For LS Engines


Improved Racing has just released a line of engine crankshaft scrapers for the GM LS and Vortec V8 engines. The company's crank scrapers help reduce oil starvation by closely contouring the crankshaft to remove excess oil, ensuring more oil makes it to the bottom of the sump. Crank scrapers also help reduce parasitic drag and windage losses caused by excess oil on the crank, resulting in a typical horsepower gain of 2-4 horsepower at the wheels. 



Two models are offered initially. Part number EGM-300 is designed specifically for the 1998-2002 LS1 Camaro and Firebird and has extra baffling to help control windage below the first two cylinders, which are normally left uncovered by the factory windage tray. Part number EGM-301 is a universal model designed to fit all factory 3.622” stroke LS and Vortec V8 engines. Crank scrapers for modified stroker engines are currently under development.



EGM-300 is priced at $73 and EGM-301 is priced at $69. Both scrapers are designed to work in conjunction with the factory windage tray. They can be purchased on Improved Racing's website at or by calling 407-705-3054


About Improved Racing:

Orlando, Florida-based Improved Racing Products specializes in products that help improve oil control in high performance powertrains such as the GM LS-series engine. Improved Racing also provides custom product design and manufacturing services to OEMs and supplies custom products to various race teams around the world.





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