Improving a Pony Car’s Handling



 Edelbrock Panhard Rod

Here’s the new Edelbrock adjustable panhard bar. The red portion is reverse-threaded on one side, allowing adjustment of the bar’s length while installed on the vehicle.

Now that I got all my parts together, I loaded down my Mustang with the goodies and headed up to Evolution Performance, just south of Philadelphia. Evolution Performance is home to some of the country’s fastest Mustangs, and although they’re best known for quarter-mile performance, they have also built a few road-race cars.


 Evolution Performance

Equipped with a full shop, including dynamometer and alignment rig, Evolution is the place to go in the Northeast for Mustang tuning.


Steve, one of the technicians at Evolution, has done so many spring/shock swaps on S197s that he didn’t even need to look up a manual. He tore into the installation with gusto.




It’s really pretty easy to remove the stock suspension, especially if you have access to a lift.

After removing the stock hardware, Steve assembled the new front spring/shock/top-mount setup. Interestingly, a spring compressor is not needed for installing the new springs, as they are shorter and can be compressed by hand for the approximate one inch needed to get them under the new mounts.




Great. Now I’ve got bright yellow shocks, bright blue springs, and a red panhard bar. My undercarriage is starting to look like a freaking LEGO set.


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