In-Car Video: DIYAutoTune’s 240SX Breaking a Land Speed Record

In-Car Video: DIYAutoTune's 240SX Breaking a Land Speed Record

By now, most of you should be familiar with our very own Project 240SX Land Speed Racer. However, we haven't been the only ones hard at work building a badass S-chassis to break land speed records. In parrallel, the crew over at DIYAutoTune has also been building quite a formidable S13 hatch to crush records with.  


Recently, DIYAutoTune took their 2JZ powered 240SX to the Ohio mile for a pre-Bonneville shake down run.  Incidentally, they also managed to crush the existing F/BGC land speed record of 165.25 MPH with a 177.09 pass.  Not bad for a one mile course!


We're looking forward to seeing what kind of speeds DIYAutoTune's CEO Jerry Hoffman and his crew can do at Speed Week with three plus miles of salt at their disposal.    

After breaking the record, CEO Hoffmann was quoted as saying that his record-breaking pass “only required an average of 33% throttle (according to the data logs from the on-board MS3 Pro), so if I can get her to stick to the pavement, and all else goes well, we could see well over 200mph before we get on the salt.”  

For more on DIYAutoTune's 240SX build click here


Also be sure to visit DIYAutoTune's website here for a full product line for of MegaSquirt® Engine Management Systems. 

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