Industry Insider – Seibon Carbon


 The area where the hood latch bolts is reinforced with extra layers of dry carbon for added strength.  This is an area where many hoods fall short.  Check out the surface finish of the underside structure, it is very nice.
 All of the holes are present for OEM trim and seals.  Note how the weave of the cloth is not distorted even with the complex geometry of the part, not even in the corners,   No black paint masking cosmetic flaws here! The edge finish is very nice.
 The weave in the louvers is very straight and nice as well.  Look at many other carbon parts and you will see subtitle fogging of black paint in the corners to hide flaws.  Not Seibon parts.
 Seibon's GT-R dry carbon door is another nice piece of work.  The dry carbon door is 100% carbon/epoxy pre-preg, no fiberglass here.  This surface finish and fit is still excellent.  Carbon and epoxy make for a much stronger part than carbon/polyester/fiberglass.
 Like the wet carbon door, the carbon part is compatible with the stock components.
 The dry carbon door shows the weave straightness even with tight bends much like aircraft of high end race car stuff..  Look how little the carbon weave is distorted even in areas of 3D contouring and sharp edges. 

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