Industry Soirée presented by Ridge Racer Unbounded

Your intrepid MotoIQ partygoers. From Left to Right: Will Cannady, Colin Holte, Jeff Naeyaert, Mike Kojima, Steve Rockwood and Martin Gonzales.

Industry Soirée presented by Ridge Racer Unbounded

By Colin Holte photos by Chad Carl


The biggest party kicking off SEMA this year and hottest of them all was the Industry Soirée presented by Ridge Racer Unbounded held at Club XS in the Wynn Encore and co-sponsored by Namco Bandai, Hennessy Black, MotoIQ, Pioneer, Yokohama, Mackin Industries, Five Axis, Cosworth, GT Channel and DSport.  This club certainly lives up to its XS name with features such as Gold-embossed crocodile skin on the VIP booths, gold plated busts of women who were all formerly hostesses at the club and a combined 40,000 square feet of space (13,000 indoors and 27,000 outdoor pool area).  Truly, it’s an amazing, jaw dropping, over the top experience.


Ridge Racer Unbounded

                            Our title sponsor for this amazing soiree.


From what I can recollect this was a sick party, certainly testing of our BAC afterwards revealed that we had a pretty good time.  The drinks were flowing, the go-go girls were dancing, and the music was thumping.  I can’t imagine what this place would be like on a night where the ratio of men to women would be closer to 50:50 rather than the heavily male skewed ratio that makes up your typical SEMA crowd.



Check out the video and link to the gallery below to get an idea of just what you'd be dealing with should you happen to find yourself at Club XS for Industry Soirée 2012.  If you're attending SEMA next year I'd highly recommend finding a way to beg, steal or borrow an invite to this party.


Hennessy Black
                            Hennessy Black anyone?


Club XS Ridge Racer Unbounded

Available to be played in the VIP area were copies of Namco Bandai’s upcoming game: Ridge Racer Unbounded.


Club XS
We leave you with a small sampling of the “talent” on display.


See all the rest of the party photos HERE


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