Introducing the New MPTCC Information Page!

MPTCC info page

Introducing the New MPTCC Information Page!



With the start of the 2012 season right around the corner we are very excited to introduce the new MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Information Page!  The new MPTCC Info Page will be the source for all MPTCC related news, announcements, coverage and racer information.

MPTCC fans will now have a central place to find all the MPTCC race coverage and videos they crave, while racers will be able to find all the requirement information they need to race in the series.   Here's a quick look at what you'll find in the new MPTCC Info Page:


  • 2012 Schedule
  • Season Standings
  • Registration Links
  • MPTCC Rules
  • Forum Discussion Links
  • License Requirements
  • Annual Tech Requirements
  • Transponder Requirements
  • Event Coverage & Videos!



MPTCC Info Page



We would like to take this time to thank all of our fans and racers alike!  Thanks to your support we had a successful inaugural season which has paved the way for the future of our series.  This year we have teamed up with NASA and AVPN to bring you a fun filled weekend of racing and high performance driving at every event.   

Running our events alongside NASA will give our fans the unique opportunity to not only be able to check out a full schedule of racing, but fans can now get on track too!  Get behind the wheel of your own car in one of NASA's HPDE run groups and enjoy the racing action while you wait!  

Our racers will be happy to know that we are bringing on the AVMP team to provide full time MPTCC support!  ”We're excited to be working with the guys at MotoIQ and the MPTCC”, says Nikolas Malechikos, President of AVMP, LLC. “As an official promotional partner, it's going to be great fun helping the MPTCC realize its potential.”  Nikolas and the team at AVMP will assist the MPTCC with PR efforts, driver/team communication, event management & logistics, sponsor/partner relationships and business development.



MPTCC Info Page



Now go check out the new MPTCC page!



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