Keep Testing Fun: Mike’s Day Off!



hot pits Mike Kojima Dai Yoshihara
 TJ and  Costa do some adjustments in the Hot Pits.  The 350Z had to do frequent stops to cool down and we used the opportunity to fiddle with shocks, tire pressures and other minor adjustments.  I think at this point I was driving Dai’s car and he was in mine.

Even on our fun day off we still learned a lot about the cars.  We figured that Dai’s GT Channel 350Z needs better cooling of the engine coolant, oil and differential.  We also discovered fuel starvation at anything less than 2/3’s of a tank so a surge tank is needed.  We also determined that the differential needs to have its engagement slowed and the lockup lessened for more traction, the rear shocks shortened to increase bump travel and that the rear antisquat needs to be reduced.  The car also needs some aero aids to help balance and grip at high speed.

There are several seconds in the car with just minor tuning and the car should be very competitive in street class soon.  The Stoptech brakes were a major improvement over the former brake kit, the balance and stableness under braking was huge and very confidence inspiring even with street pads!  The KW Suspension worked exceedingly well and responded well to adjustment.

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Dai Yoshihara, Chris Marion, Mike Kojima, Costa Gilamas, TJ Har
 Dai Yoshihara, Chris Marion (Engineer from KW Suspension), Costa Gilamas (normally Stephan Verdier’s chief), yours truly and TJ Hannrihra (Rhys Millen’s crew chief).  Costa and TJ also got a chance to drive.  Costa had a sparkling white Sparco driving suit so we were calling him the C Stig.

The Dog Car II is already pretty sorted but we figured out that it can use more negative camber in the front with less toe out.  The car still exhibits some hard to diagnose braking instability but it can probably be adjusted out with the proportioning valve.

We were very impressed with the Nitto NT01 tires.  They exhibited good predictable grip, did not fade under hard pounding under very hot conditions and exhibited surprisingly little wear.  They were fast as well, we turned respectable lap times taking it easy. We did run a 235/40-17 which is a large tire for a car of this size and weight but the Dog II could make other brands of tires fade in this size.  At the rate of wear we observed, we think we could get at least 4 race weekends out of this set of tires, pretty amazing.  The tires had good grip and predictable roll off of traction at the limit.

Although our day was a fun one, like a good race team we still got a lot of developmental data from the cars and they will continue to get faster.

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