Keeping Up With FX Motorsports

Keeping Up WIth FX Motorsports

We'd like to take a quick second to congratulate our Billy Johnson on his overall win at Super Lap Battle in Las Vegas, dominating over the next closest competitor by over FIVE seconds!  Billy's time of a 1:43.145 was also good for a Super Lap Battle track record for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway outdoor road course.  If you wanna read the full press release, see below.  Otherwise, take a minute (or nine) to watch Episode 1 of FX Motorsports' 2010 season–I guess they're gonna be doing several of these!  Shot at the Redline Time Attack back in April when Matt Andrews was driving the NSX, John Naderi hosts a walkthrough of the recent changes to the car and talks with several members of the team.   …but they had me at the Asian strippers! πŸ™‚



Las Vegas, NV (Sunday May 23, 2010) FX Motorsports Development, Billy Johnson, and the Cricket/Yokohama Tire Supermod NSX crush the competition at Super Lap Battle in Las Vegas.

After coming off a disappointing finish at the last Redline Time Attack in Las Vegas, FXMD regrouped, fixed the issues encountered at RTA and with Billy Johnson behind the wheel was able  to rip off a 1:43.145 over FIVE seconds faster than the next competitor Crawford Performance.  This time secured the overall win for the event as well as setting a new SLB record for LVMS.

Crew chief Radomir Banda (FES) said, β€œWe really put quite a bit of time in the set-up of the car and it showed out there on the track.  We had a few issues at the track but nothing we could not overcome.  We still see lots of room for improvement and look forward to some down time so we can implement these changes.”

Team principle Ken Namimatsu said, β€œThe team does not like to lose, so they really focused on the task at hand and the car ran flawlessly this past weekend.  The changes that the team implemented proved to be in the right direction and Billy was able to illustrate that by the times he was laying down.  I was really impressed by the organization of the event and the attendance was fantastic.  Big kudos to Elliott Moran at SLB!”

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their superior track proven products and unwavering support.   Special thanks to Chris Marrion over at KW Automotive for providing us with the proper parts for this event.

Cricket Wireless
Yokohama Tire
Performance Friction Brakes
KW Automotive
NEO Synthetics
AFI Turbo
OS Geiken
Brian Crower
WPC Metal Treatment Co.
Turbo Smart
RC Fuel Injectors
Race Engine Development
Applied Motorsports
Back in Balance Chiropractic
Darton International
Findly Acura
RPS Clutches
CP Pistons
millennium motorsports

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