Ken Block’s Gymkhana 4 (Four) Video – Ford Fiesta

Ken Block's Gymkhana 4 (Four) Video – Ford Fiesta

by Eric Hsu

Since you Moto IQ readers care more about the substance than the hype, here are some specs on the latest and greatest Ken Block Hybrid Function Hoon Ford Fiesta before we get into Gymkhana Four (below). I have no idea what a Hoon is BTW. This is a “hybrid” car not because it has batteries and a electric motor, but rather because the car is designed to be multifunctional and can be quickly adapted for rallycross, gymkhana, and stage rallies. I don't know if it has a Monster, DC, Mobil 1, or Ford title sponsorship, but they all have big stickers all over the car.

  • Ford Fiesta WRC chassis, built by M-Sport
  • Ford “Ecoboost” 2.0L engine, 600bhp/665 ft-lbs max, built by PIPO Moteurs
  • Garrett TR30R turbocharger with 45mm restrictor
  • Brembo Monobloc WRC brakes (changed for different events)
  • Sadev 6 speed sequential transmission, transfer case, and rear end
  • Reiger WRC suspension (different damper/spring combos changed for different events)
  • Cosworth Electronics Pectel MQ12 ECU
  • Cosworth Electronics Pectel Hyllus power control module
  • Cosworth Electronics Pectel DB1-RSHE card logger
  • Cosworth Electronics Pectel MK4 RS Driver's dash
  • Cosworth Electronics MFD I/O display
  • Speedline forged wheels w/ Pirelli tires
  • Recaro Ultima WRC carbon fiber seat
  • Vehicle weight: 2755 lbs.
  • Built by the Monster World Rally Team

While there are many that clown Ken Block as a WRC driver, you cannot deny he is a master of car control. The proof is in the past Gymkhana videos. The haters need to ease up and realize that KB is valuable to the sport of WRC. Who else in current day WRC will do random donuts and jumps in the middle of  a stage just to entertain the audience and attendees? Sure Carlos Sainz used to do it, but he's not in the sport anymore. And did Carlos Sainz ever draw the much needed yound new blood into WRC or highly modified street cars in general? No he didn't. KB does so all you haters need to CTFO. Remember that you won't have any cool cars to buy and play with in the future if younger people don't like cars. Ken Block not only entertains you, but he keeps manufacturers building fun cars that young people want.

Here's a cool video breaking down the H.F.H.V.

Having had a chance to check out this car up close, I have to say that this car is beautifully built. It's a proper unibody race car where no detail is overlooked. Look out for a feature soon on MotoIQ. Anyhow, the Monster World Rally Team is made up of a bunch of ex-Ford WRC and a couple of ex-SCCA Pro Rally guys. The car was built in the UK by MWRT and then brought over for some some testing. The schedule was tight because filming for Gymkhana Four would begin only days after the car's arrival. That would last a week and then there was some kind of demo jump thing at Dodger Stadium the following week. And then the next week there was the X-games at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Then after the X-games would be continuation of Gymkhana Four filming which I believe was only completed last week. The MWRT guys did a great job keeping the car running through some of the minor teething problems of a brand new car, repairs when needed, and with setup changes. Rally mechanics work FAST!

Cosworth Electronics Pectel MFD (multi-function display) as installed in Ken Block's Fiesta.

I was at Universal Studios for three days of filming with Roland from Cosworth Electronics. While the chassis and electronics are more or less carried over from the Ford Fiesta WRC program, the engine, drivetrain, and some details were different. Roland was out here putting the finishing touches on the Hyllus power control module and multi-function display config. Since the car was on a rushed schedule, I don't think he had the chance to finish back in the UK. I was basically helping Roland out as the secondary data guy and just another set of eyes studying data to ensure everything was working correctly with the car. We used the Pectel DB1-RSHE card logger that uses CF cards so all we had to do was pop a card out and put in a blank one. With the DB1 we get up to an 8000Hz logging rate with the memory limit of 2GB and 255 maximum channels. With all of the sensors on the Fiesta, there are almost 255 channels of data to analyze so its actually quite a bit of work. One thing that stood out most to me is how much boost this engine runs. Damn its a lot.

The DB1-RSHE connects to any modern Cosworth ECPro or Pectel ECU and allows you to log up to 255 parameters at up to 8000Hz of total logging bandwidth. With a 2GB CF card, that's A LOT of data.

The Pectel MK4 RS Dash can be found in all Pectel equipped WRC cars including Ken Block's gymkhana Fiesta. It will also directly connect to your Cosworth ECPro ECU if want a simple no frills dash that is all business. Surprisingly it is pretty affordable.

The ECU is a Pectel MQ12 that you'll find in WRC, LeMans, ALMS, and other high end open wheel race cars. Its pretty much the biggest brother of the Cosworth ECPro line of ECUs. The MQ12 and ECPros even use very similar software. The main differences are additional I/O, the ability to run 12 cylinder sequential injection with 12 coils, a bunch more outputs, high rpm capability (higher than 16,000rpm), the ability to run direct injection, etc. It's pretty much the ECU you want running in your car if you hit the lottery. Couple the MQ12 with a Cosworth dash, the Hyllus power control module, the multi-function display, Cosworth Pi datalogger, and a gazillion sensors and you've got an LMP1 electronics package ready to use in the 24 Hours of LeMans.

Roland in action.

Gymkhana Four!

How did they get those Matrix like shots? An array of GoPros of course. The camera guys have a giant harness with like 30 plugs on it and it all goes into one big box.

It was cool checking out the Universal Studios sets up close.

Anyhow, I think Gymkhana Four is pretty cool. I don't think it was so much that KB made it so big that he went all Hollywood on us. I think they were just having fun with it all. Wouldn't you if you could? It was definitely an experience watching how things are filmed. Plus checking out the data from a legit rallycross engine was pretty interesting too. Did I mention this car runs a lot of boost? It's surprising how much boost those engines run to make power through a restrictor. Oh and of course it was cool getting hooked up with some DC gear too.

Look out soon for a feature of the DC Monster Mobil 1 Hoonigan Dirt3 Ken Block Ford Fiesta on MotoIQ.

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