Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid – Invitational at Toyota Speedway



Monster energy drink was on hand keeping us well caffeinated throughout the event with plenty of free samples. 


The Falken team worked hard all weekend and shaved 3 seconds of their initial times through some hardcore number crunching and wrenching.  Dai Yoshihara took home 1st Place in the RWD division.  

They call America the melting pot of cultures and Ken Block’s own brand of motorsports stew, Gymkhana Grid is just that.  A mixing of several types of motorsport that come together in a timed event that has just a little bit of everything.  Ken Block took the spirit and style of his original Gymkhana videos and put on a show for us that is able to highlight several different motorsports in one event. Gymkhana offers someone the chance to build a car that must master several disciplines and isn’t pigeon holed into one type of driving style.  Even though drivers are given obstacles to navigate, sweepers to drift through, figure 8s, 180, 360, and 720 degree spins, they are still on the clock and need to complete the course first just like any other form of racing.  We’re really excited that the Gymkhana Grid invitational was a success and we hope that this new hybrid form of motorsport will grow with the star power behind Ken Block and his crew.  

 Ken Block gives Tanner a congratulatory man hug.

Ken Block Gymkhana Grid Invitational Unofficial Results

AWD Class

1st Place: Tanner Foust – Ford Fiesta – Rockstar Energy
2nd Place: Ken Block – Ford Fiesta – Monster Energy                                                                                 3rd Place: Stephan Verdier – Subaru STI – Crawford Performance

RWD Class

1st Place: Dai Yoshihara – Nissan 240SX – Discount Tire – Team Falken
2nd Place: John Russakoff – Toyota Corolla – JSP Fabrication
3rd Place: Kevin Abbring – Nissan 350Z – BioMCN


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