K&N Pledges to Stand behind Their Customers


K&N Pledges to Stand Behind Their Customers
K&N has full in-house fabrication capability.

“1.     The consumer must provide a written statement or repair order from the dealership or service provider in which the dealership or service provider blames the problem or warranty denial on a K&N product;
2.     The service provider or consumer must provide K&N with all allegedly damaged parts.  Many states have laws that require a service provider to retain all parts replaced during a vehicle repair, unless given consent to dispose of the parts by the consumer. K&N will pay the shipping cost to recover these parts; and

3.     The consumer must provide proof of purchase of the K&N product along with cooperation in helping us investigate the claim.

Once these steps have been completed, K&N will contact the service provider and collect evidence to support their claim. In the event we are not provided with sufficient evidence, we reserve the right to reject the claim and will use our best efforts to assist in establishing your rights toward the service provider under warranty or other provisions.

We strive to exceed consumer expectations. Customer service can be reached at 1-800-858-3333.”

Of course K&N didn’t just blindly make those statements; K&N researched the issues doing extensive testing in their very complete lab that can do the whole gamut of SAE and ASTM standard filter tests as well as a bunch of in house test standards.  Yes, they have labs as in plural and real degreed engineers in a real engineering department.  When the data showed that their filters were not an issue, they knew they could stand behind the product 100%.  If a problem had been found, they would have made improvements, that‘s the kind of company K&N is.

K&N Pledges to Stand Behind Their Customers
One of K&N's flow benches in operation.

You can bet the makers of the fake Chinese ebay K&N filters, i.e., rock strainers will be nowhere to be found if you have a warranty issue.  K&N is setting a shining example of how the aftermarket should protect its customers from warranty denial abuse, Hats off to them.

K&N, The World's Best Air Filter

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