KOYORAD Releases Performance Half Radiator for 03-07 Evo

KOYORAD Releases Performance Half Radiator for 03-07 Evo


Koyorad is proud to introduce a cooling solution for 2003-2007 Mitsubishi Evolution race vehicles with upgraded front facing turbo systems.  For off-road use only, this half length radiator is intended for sprints, small track, and gymkhana type courses.  It features an all new, ultra high density 48mm “Hyper” performance core.  The reduced length allows for an off-center mounting position, which keeps radiant manifold heat away from its core.  Like every Koyorad All Aluminum Performance Radiator, the OEM electric fan will bolt up directly without modifications.  Unique sliding fan mounts allow for an easier installation of aftermarket universal slim fans, freeing up additional engine bay room and reducing weight.  Koyorad integrates a 1/8” NPT female accessory fitting (supplied with a threaded plug) to accept temperature sensors typically supplied with most aftermarket temperature gauges.  This radiator will fit global market Evolutions: IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX.

Koyorad’s global reputation for high quality cooling products begins with the selection of the finest materials.  Koyo privately owns each factory, never outsources their manufacturing and overseeing each stage of production using Japanese made equipment throughout the production of each radiator.  Koyorad All Aluminum Performance Radiators are hand assembled, precision TIG welded, and triple pressure tested throughout the manufacturing process contributing to reliability and uniformity.  The superior quality of Koyorad all aluminum radiators will take your vehicle’s engine performance to the next level.

•             Koyo “Hyper” Series 48mm Core Technology
•             Reduced size and weight
•             Exclusive brushed aluminum finish
•             Nocolok-R Brazing
•             Precise Tube and Fin alignment
•             Billet aluminum filler neck
•             1/8” NPT Accessory Fitting and threaded plug
•             Billet aluminum drain plug

Application: 03-07 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Koyo Part Number #: HH032412
Available: December 2010


For more information on this and other KOYORAD applications please follow the link below to the KOYORAD Racing site:



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