KW Reduces Prices For Legendary Scene Cars For A 3 Month Period – August ’till October 2014!

KW Reduces Prices For Legendary Scene Cars For A 3 Month Period – August 'till October 2014!

The oldschool tuning car classics of the eighties and nineties have a cult like following for quite a long time now. From the 1st of August until the 31st of October 2014 KW has lowered the recommended retail price for KW coilover kits for more than 30 oldschool cars, (older than ten years). Tuning maniacs who order a KW coilover kit variant 1, variant 2 or variant 3 within this action period, have the possibility to save money, according to car application.



During the campaign four generations of VW Golf and numerous other cars are treated as classic cars, exclusions include the Audi A3 (type 8L) and BMW 3 series (E36). Please check the following link: for all cars and KW coilover kits that are part of this campaign.


Now it is the perfect moment for all tuning fans who always wanted to buy a KW coilover kit made of stainless steel. From the 1st of August until the 31st of October 2014 KW reduced the price for selected coilover kits for legendary scene cars. During this time period the price reduction is even valid for tuning classics like VW Golf I to Golf IV or BMW E36 and different Opel types, but also for drivers of old Mazda MX-5, Peugeot 206 or Fiat Cinqucento.



In total the special prices of KW coilover kits variant 1, variant 2 and variant 3 are valid for more than 30 different vehicle types that are built before 2004. One more interesting point: some modern types like the first generation of Audi TT (type 8N; year 1998 – 2006) and Mazda MX-5 (type NB; year 1998 – 2005) are also part of this campaign.


There is not only a price reduction for the KW coilover kit variant 1 during 1st August until 31st October 2014, but also for the selected KW coilover kits variant 2 and variant 3. Please check for all cars and KW coilover kits that are part of this campaign.


Prices differ globally according to national VAT rates, logistic costs and import duties!



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