KW Variant 3 Coilover Suspension for Chevrolet C8 Corvette

KW suspensions, the premiere high-performance coilover suspension manufacturer based in Germany, has developed the first in the market fully adjustable coilover suspension kit for the new 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray. The redesigned iconic American Sports car comes packed with 6.2L LT2 V8 engine neatly nestled between the passenger cabin and rear axle marking the first time a mid-engine Corvette has been released for production. The reconfigured vehicle was built to sit lower and handle even better than its legacy vehicles before it. So of course, KW suspensions set out to push the new C8 Corvette’s performance even further with the addition of their Variant 3 Coilovers. On undulating asphalt surfaces, the KW suspension maintains perfect harmony and prevents nervous driving behavior. The pitch and roll movements of the chassis and body are noticeably reduced. Thanks to the KW multi-valve damper technology the independent adjustment of compression (12 clicks), and rebound (16 clicks) settings, the driving dynamics improvement of the new C8 Corvette suspension is stunning. The seamlessly adjustable ride height is configurable between 0-25 millimeters on the front and rear axles. With a weight distribution of almost 40:60, rear-wheel drive and a 490 hp six-liter eight-cylinder mid-engine, the new Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray is a worthy supercar successor of the almost perfect C7.


The KW suspensions coilover systems provide a significant performance gain and are appreciated by car enthusiasts worldwide. This is mainly due to the KW multi-valve technology used in the dampers with precisely tuned high-speed valves and adjustable low-speed valves for the compression and rebound forces. This enables KW to achieve driving behavior as tight as necessary and as comfortable as possible making everyday driving of the C8 Corvette thrilling yet enjoyable. This damper technology is based on KW motorsport developments, and the factory preconfigured high-speed valves enable harmonious suspension travel even with a firmly adjusted damper setup. These high-speed valves open in a flash even at maximum lowering and fast driving over railroads or bumps. The adjustable dampers make it possible to adjust the already preset and recommended suspension setup for the C8 Corvette even further for a personal driving experience for everyday use. With 16 precise clicks, the cross-section in the low-speed rebound valve can be reduced or enlarged to precisely adjust the damping with each click. If the rebound valve is opened, driving comfort increases. If it is closed, the pitch and roll movements of the body structure are significantly reduced and handling becomes even more dynamic. The task of the rebound stage is to connect the body to the road, while the compression stage influences the support of the chassis. In addition, the adjustable low-speed compression damping stage can be closed or opened with 12 precise clicks to further influence the steering behavior and grip level of the tires.


Adjustable Compression Valve with KW TVC-A (Twin-Valve Compression Adjustable) Technology. The patented compression valve features two separate spring pre-tensioned valves for small and large volume flow. The compression is tuned to the respective vehicle type on our 7-post rig and delivered in the middle of the range out of the box. With 12 precise clicks the adjustable compression valve can increase or decrease the cross-section in the low speed valve, providing more or less compression damping. In the event of sudden high piston speeds, the low speed needle valve opens to its maximum volume along with the main valve to maximize the volume of oil flow preventing unwanted progressive surges in the high-speed range with its blow-off feature. This makes it possible to support the vehicle body better while offering more comfort than the conventional valve technology during high wheel travel acceleration. The compression stage damper setting is supplied in combination with a separate rebound setting. Only a truly independent 2-way damper allows for true performance optimization.


Adjustable Rebound Valve with KW TVR-A (Twin-Valve Rebound Adjustable) Technology.
The rebound stage damping is precisely tuned to the respective vehicle at our in-house drive dynamics test facility, delivered in the middle of the range out of the box. Individual customization can be achieved in 16 precise clicks, allowing you to choose between more comfort or more body control. The two-stage patented TVR-A technology allows the oil to flow through an adjustable, conical low-speed valve during slow piston speeds, while during higher piston speeds the main rebound stage valve opens to handle the flow of large volumes of oil. This provides major improvements in ride comfort without influencing the high-speed.


Configure the Ride Height to your needs. KW Variant 3 coilover suspensions allow the vehicle to be lowered the maximum amount within the vehicle’s mechanical limitations. For the new C8 Corvette Stringray the ride height is adjustable between 0-25mm allowing the suspension to be lowered to suit your personal needs, whether that is maximum lowering or just enough to highlight your aftermarket wheels and tires, you are in control.


Reinventing the way things are done. The KW coilover spring seat, also known as a spring perch, is constructed with a wear-resistant, friction-optimized polyamide composite material encompassing a stainless steel insert. In contrast to the anodized aluminum adjustable spring seats, the polyamide composite material prevents any possible oxidation while the stainless steel insert maximizes strength. In combination with the Inox-Line stainless steel coilover struts, this guarantees the long-term functionality of ride height adjustability.


The Perfect Height-Adjustable Coilover. In comparison to common coilovers, KW uses a friction-optimized trapezoidal thread which is less sensitive to dirt and requires less force to adjust. Its large cross-section also provides a higher load-bearing capacity.


The Truly Permanent Corrosion Resistance. KW’s coilover suspension struts are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel that is rust-proof. In contrast to other solutions, Inox-Line coatings will not wear off while adjusting the suspension making KW coilover struts 100 percent corrosion resistant with an unlimited lifespan. Lowering the suspension using the trapezoidal thread in combination with the polyamide composite spring seat guarantees long term usability. Even after years the ride height adjustability is not affected.


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