Lancer Ralliart Edition

While finishing my Lexus the other day over at XS, Rob from D-Sport mag was over there finishing up his dyno testing on a brand new Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. If you remember this is the Lancer model that Stephen sent me some shots of while a photographer was doing some catalog/ad shots for Mitsubishi back in April 2008. I guess it is finally released.

The Lancer Ralliart is going heads up against Subaru’s WRX. It shares the exact same engine as the EVO X and even the dual clutch transmission from the EVO X MR. However, it lacks the good stuff like active diffs and super AYC. The rear subframe and suspension seems to be a bit different from the EVO X too. The Ralliart also lacks 0.6″ of track width, many of the EVO X’s aero enhancements, blister fenders, and….well let’s just say it’s not nearly as buff as an EVO X. But for around $30k decked out including tax and license, it might be a pretty decent deal. For one thing, you know the engine will be a whole lot stronger than a Subaru’s: Subaru had a recent recall because everybody’s pistons kept breaking (sucks to be them). Anyhow, read more about the Lancer Ralliart here at

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s rated at 237bhp (flywheel), but it cranks out 222whp! Perhaps Mitsu is trying to keep the spread between the EVO X and the Ralliart a little bigger and/or they are trying to keep insurance costs down for the semi-rich kids (rich kids get the EVO X). Either way, it’s a good thing. A smaller, single scroll turbocharger, smaller intercooler, smaller exhaust, and probably more conservative ECU tuning yield about 40-50 less hp at the wheels than the EVO X 5 speed. I didn’t have time to grab a EVO X dyno sheet, but the EVO X makes more power everywhere. Anyhow, the more turbo cars, the better for the tuning world. I’m glad Mitsu released this car. Hopefully more manufacturers will follow suit.

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