Leah Dizon

At a party on new year’s eve in Tokyo the TV was on in the background. On this NHK TV special that was this smoking hot chick that couldn’t sing for shit. Sure I just described about 85% of the female J-pop “artists”, but this one looked familiar. Sure enough it was Leah Dizon. She was singing her heart out, but she could BARELY stay in key. I mean she straight out sucked at singing. That’s ok in asia though where pop stars are popular simply because they look good. If you search google for images of her, you can see for yourself how good she looks.

We car guys know Leah from her earlier work as an import car model who has graced the pages of D-Sport, Modified Mag, Super Street, and Import Tuner. She looked really good then, but I would have to say she looks even better now after her eye surgery. Or at least I think she got the typical asian actress/pop star/model eye cutting surgery where they literally cut the skin at the edges of the eyes so their eyes open larger. This surgery does WONDERS for Korean chicks.

Anyway, Leah is all over the place in Japan. The NHK new year’s eve TV special is the most widely watched TV show in Japan and the magazine you see below is kind of like a JDM version of Time magazine. It seems like the hard working import models from back in the day have been getting real gigs: Natasha Yi is on The Price Is Right and Tila “Tequila” Nguyen is showing how much of a whore she really is on MTV. Good luck to Leah, Natasha, and Tila. It goes to show that all of you aspiring models should work harder. In fact, aspiring import models should give me a call so I can offer you some “guidance”. Yeah, that’s it, “guidance”…..

I took a picture of the TV screen on new year’s eve.

Yaya is holding the magazine with Leah on the cover through a cafe window inside a subway station in Tokyo. She was like, “Oh shit, look who’s on the cover?!?!”

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