Letters to the Editor!

Mike Kojima motoiq senior editor


After quite a bit of work, we are finally live!  We will strive to make MotoIQ the high bandwidth, high signal to noise ratio home on the net for the driven automotive enthusiast.

We welcome correspondence, suggestions and opposing viewpoints.  Send it to mike@motoiq.com and we (or me) will attempt to answer the good stuff here.

I hope you like our place, we'll do our best to provide you with interesting content and a cool community to hang out at.

Happy Motoring

Mike Kojima

Editor,  MotoIQ.com


I just recently found your site MotoIQ.com , and as a person who rarely writes through email to show appreciation for articles found on the internet, felt the need to write to you guys. My name is Daniel and im a HUGE nissan guy. But more importantly I am a import tuner, but the kind that loves the clean look and mods to performance, not wild colors neons and bodykits. I currently own a 03 Sentra 2.5 LE, and I just bought a 91 B13 'classic' SE-R. I was so happy when I found fantastic article about the SR20 engine, the differences between the Highport-low port and RR motors. I also enjoyed the article on how to build a B13 Transmission. The information is clear and the photos show want needs to be done. Im following Project 200SX SE-R and cant wait to see what you do to it.


Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading many many more articles that come from you guys!

                                                                                                     A Current Fan,




PS: Heres some photos of my 03 LE and my Project 'ShoeBox' 91 SE-R


 Thank You Daniel,

I am glad you like our site.  Stay tuned we will keep the good stuff coming!




Back in the day, I remember staying up late, reading up all I can about slip angles, friction circles, port velocity, limited-slip differentials, and all the stuff reserved only for true auto enthusiasts. Growing up in highschool, SCC was one of the outlets for my creative juices to express in. Being a geeky engineer myself, SCC gave info I could appreciate.

I was sad to see it go because it was like a piece of me died with it. Seeing this site, on the other hand, gives me hope. I am glad to see it reincarnated in a new form. Time to take it to the next level! I wish the best for you all.

This forum may be small at the moment, but because the quality of a forum is based on the quality of people participating, and the people here are some of the few I personally respect, I believe this will be a great meeting place for great auto enthusiasts.

Murrieta, CA

Thank you Brent,

What we started here at MotoIQ is something beyond print media, what our hope is; is that not only will you be able to read and learn but also interact with the people who wrote the stuff and other like minded enthusiasts, sort of like a two way street and a large exchange of information where everyone learns and grows from it.

I hope you stay to enjoy and take part in the greater MotoIQ  experience.


Hi Mr. Kojima, greetings from México, i'm writing this e-mail to congratulate you, been following your comments from modified magazine, turbo magazine, sr20 forums and most latelly been visiting the new MotoIQ site… i've found with great pleasure that this site lives up to the expectations i had bout it and i enjoy visiting it frequently… thank you for the great work and hopefully there will be more sr20 content to come!!!…

I'd personally would like to see some engine building tips or some suspension info on sr20 powered cars like the b13-b14 chassis…

Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail and please keep up the great job so far!!

congratulations to all the MOTO IQ team…

best regards.

Fernando Alday

Thank You Fernando,

I am glad you like the site.  I notice and I am happy that we have a large following in Mexico.  I have worked in the Nismex plant before and have spent time at some of Nissan suppliers there as well.  For sure we will have plenty of stuff on the B13/B14 and builds on the SR20DE.  I hope things improve and they have races in Mexico again, we will surely attend.  Its been my dream to race in Mexico.



I know it's been awhile since I've said hello, but like you I'm pretty busy. I do apologize for that as I do try to be more sociable with my e-friends. That said, I love the article. from the sr20forum to turbo and scc to motoiq, I never get tired of your articles, particularly your engine build and suspension projects. Thank for keeping the information coming. As a side note, much of the information you've left for the rest of us over the years has helped me greatly in trying to help a friend locally prepare his car (a currently n/a s13 hatchback- woot to the underdog!!) for the upcoming redline time attack here in NJ this august, so thank you again. I hope all is well on your side of the world and I'll hopefully speak with you again soon.


Hello Duck,

I am glad you like the site and we will strive to contiue to bring the best no BS tech in the industry to our fans!



Just wanted to say i love the site and its in-depth tech.

You and your staff are doing a great job. 🙂
Joseph Emerson
Thank You Joseph!

Good article! My friend Clark Turner tunes alot of cars, mostly Subarus and Evos, and the fake parts really suck! I have watched him tune hundreds of cars. The ebay intercoolers are one of the most common on Subarus, they are a copy of the Sparco. Sparco cut one open and it was very obvious why they do not do work well as it is junk inside. They do work ok on a stock car but with an upgraded turbo they really suck. Clark tells people to get rid of that crap and your car will do the numbers you want. You really do get what you pay for..

I have genuine parts on my car and it consistantly runs excellent. I would definitly NOT risk my very rare 2.35L stroker motor on crappy fake parts.

Thank You for reading.


Dear Mr. Kojima,

I have been a big fan of yours since I read your book, and I have been following you on the SR20 forums for a few years. It has always been an honor to read your articles. I really love MotoIQ and read it daily. I really wanted to thank you and your constituents for all your dedication and hard work for your fellow car enthusiasts. With out people like you I would probably have a Pep boys special and have know nothing good about cars 🙂

Thank you!


Jere McFadden 

Thank you Jere



  1. You were reccomended by Lex Service in Harbor City. We have a 1973 Yamaha 650
    Motorcycle that needs some work done. Do you do that?

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