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Head of the Lockton Motorsports team, Ryan Staub in his former SCCA championship-winning ITS car.


Lockton Motorsports wasn’t started by someone looking to capitalize on the misfortunes of others, but rather by a track addict just like you and me, who saw an opportunity to get more people involved in HPDEs.  A true tale of a program started by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.  They know it because they’re actually involved in it.

Staub, who heads the Motorsports team, began doing driving events in 2002 with his BMW E36 M3, while he was already working for Lockton Affinity.  By August of that year he had participated in five events, so it was obvious that he started mainlining on his track addiction immediately. He’s been an active BMW CCA club racer since 2006, and was also active with SCCA from 2007 through 2010, where he won two Midwest Division Championships in his ITS car, and he set a few class lap records.


Ryan Staub M3 wreckIn May of 2005, however, Staub lost his own car in a big incident at Heartland Park Topeka.  He was one of the lucky ones to get his car covered under his standard auto policy, but exclusions started kicking in hard shortly after that. 


In June of 2007 he proposed and received approval from Lockton to begin development of a Motorsports Practice, and by July of 2008 the HPDE coverage was launched through a few select groups with whom they were comfortable based on incident history, and based on how their track programs were run. PCA (Porsche Club of America), BMW CCA and MotorsportReg.com were alll early partners to the program, and NASA is one of the more recent groups to have been approved to offer coverage, as well.


996 GT3 wreckSome very nice hardware has had the bad experience of meeting with walls in some of the most unexpected places.


Staub obviously saw a business opportunity, but more than that he saw that people had become afraid to attend events without some sort of coverage, and the state of the economy wasn’t exactly helping. The clubs putting on the events were able to keep some people involved, but by positioning Lockton Motorsports as a partner to several clubs, they were able to really get the attendance numbers up.  Staub often wonders where many of these programs would be right now if it weren’t for the Lockton Motorsports program.


Audi TT RS trackFrom their cautious beginnings with just a few key partners, the Lockton Motorsports program is fully off the ground and running.  They approve 1,000-1,100 events per year—after making sure the group matches up favorably with their 11-point checklist. 


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