LP to MP3 plus TORQ

I decided to transfer some vinyl records I had to mp3 so I could put some of the tracks on my Ipod. This is actually quite a task because there’s a ton of records to go through. I’ve had a pair of Technics 1200’s for a long time, but I’ve been lazy in transferring the records to mp3 because you can download most songs. Now that new music more or less sucks ass and I’ve run out of music to download, I’m starting to dig through the crates. Literally. Anyhow, I started the search for the perfect software to carry out this daunting task of LP to mp3 transfer. The coolest, easiest to use, and fully featured software I found was Cool Edit 2000 v1.1. It’s an old version of Adobe’s Audition (Adobe bought out the original publishers), but it’s simple. I tried the newer pro versions and Adobe Audition, but the newer versions are designed for the modern studio professional. I am definitely not that so all I need are the basics with some cool features. CE2000 has click and pop removal, hiss and crackle removal, spectrum analyzing, simple EQs, etc. Just what you need to do a bitchin job of LP to mp3 conversion (after you search the web for crackz and serialz….).

I also bought an M-Audio Conectiv phono preamp to USB device with the Torq software. Yeah you thought that car people didn’t know how to market their products, but this device has like four fucking names. How fucking dumb is that??? Anyhow, it’s like the low buck version of Stanton’s Final Scratch or the more popular Serato Scratch Live that DJs use in the clubs these days. Cheap, affordable, and good fun. You can cue up your MP3s and play them just like a record using special time coded records so you no longer have to purchase vinyl (which is a fortune these days). No, I’m not a DJ. I don’t bag on you do-it-yourself tuners for talking all this shit on the forums about “tuning” your own cars so don’t bag on me for buying DJ software. You guys are having fun blowing up your engines and I’m having fun screwing around with music. Have a safe and sane 4th!


SL-1200MK2 x 1, SL-1200MK3 x 1, Numark DM1001X, and Conectiv


This little Conectiv box let’s you mix, scratch, and add effects using MP3s


Just some records. There’s two more of these crates.

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