LS Fest Hits the West


The Road Course, 3S, and Autocross events saw a wide range of LS-powered vehicles competing including this LS powered truck!


You might want to know how the MotoIQ Staff fared at the event. Rathyna Gomer brought out her Pro Am 350Z to the drift event and as we mentioned fought her way all the way to the semi finals!


Rathyna Gomer's 350Z is powered by a hybrid LS 6-liter econo build motor featuring an LQ4 iron truck block with good flowing square port L92 heads and an LS3 intake manifold. Combined with long tube headers, this combo puts out about 380 whp.  Look for some future articles where we apply some bolt ons to her car to get more power and raise the rev limit.


Jeff Naeyaert took Project V8 FD RX-7 out on its maiden voyage. With zero testing and some best guesses on an initial set up, Jeff took to the challenging Street King events. Although having never autocrossed before, Jeff used to be an avid road racer many years ago.


Using the initial runs around the course as testing, we quickly dialed in the alignment, tire pressures, and shock settings on the KW 2-way Clubsports, which was not that hard because our first guesses were actually pretty close. It helps to have an on-staff suspension engineer to figure stuff out. 


Project V8 RX-7 proved to be fast in the quarter mile and nimble on its feet in the handling events. The car was probably the slowest on the straights, but perhaps one of the fastest in the turns and especially under braking. No surprise as the car is very light and is running front and rear StopTech Trophy brake kits.


Jeff acquitted himself and Project RX-7 to autocrossing quickly and well.  Although we had to run in exhibition class due to us not having the proper UTQG rated tires, we had times among the fastest cars in the autocross and 3S events. Though we were not allowed to run in the road course segment due to the UTQG of our Toyo Proxes R888's, we did get a chance to turn low 12's in the 1/4 mile which was close to the fastest cars as well.  

We put down some very competitive times for not having much experience in this sort of event and can't wait to try again next year! Our stock E-Rod LS3 probably had the lowest power of any car entered by far, but we were just very efficient at getting the power to the ground. There are good 200 UTQG tires out there that will have the grip necessary to be competitive. So look out for the MotoIQ team at LS Fest West in 2018! 


Thanks goes out to Holley for bringing such a great event to the West Coast! We not only got to see some of the best LS-powered vehicles in the west coast, but we got to see them in competition. The first LS Fest West event was considered a success by Holley and they have promised to come back out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 2018. If you didn’t attend this year, you missed out, but you now have one year to get your ultimate LS vehicle ready for the next one. Don’t rest on the laurels of a stock LS though. The West builds their cars to perform in all facets of motorsport. If you want to win your class next year, you best bring your A-game or you will not be taking home any hardware. That is the point afterall. LS Fest is a celebration of only the best LS powered vehicles. Anything less just goes back on the trailer.





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