LS Fest West’s Drift Challenge Brings out Talent from Across the West Coast

Holley Performance’s LS Fest has been one of the country’s premier motorsports events that includes drag racing, autocross, and drift. The popular event originated in Bowling Green, KY and last year they took the event on the road and brought it to the west coast with LS Fest West. There’s no specific “type” of vehicle that fits the mold – whoever has an LS-powered vehicle is welcome.

Nick Gross gets down in his s14 for practice. Nick recently earned his FormulaDRIFT (FD) PRO2 License.

In the drifting world, typically JDM engine swaps are praised and LS-swaps are only seen as convenient or cost-effective, rather than something to be sought after. In essence, drivers don’t earn a lot of respect for going the LS-route. This is what makes LS Fest so awesome – it gives the v8 powered drift cars a chance to shine!

Drivers gather for a safety debriefing and driver’s meeting.

By finding huge success in it’s original location in Bowling Greens, Kentucky, Holley Performance expanded to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a second year. The drift portion of the event is a crowd-favorite and the invitation-only competition brought out some of the best, put-together LS-powered drift cars on the West Coast.

The drivers even put down some exciting runs during practice. Here’s Arizona driver, Andrew Schulte with his dual-colored S13.

George Kilada, a Southern California native traveled out to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in the LS Fest West Drift Challenge for the second year in a row in his LS1 powered S13. This year, George brought out his SoCal teammate Tony Cisneros as well. Tony is a past FD PRO2 competitor and is now showcasing his LS7 powered S14 at local competitions and demos.

Tony Cisneros throws down tons of smoke while showcasing his team’s new livery.

George and Tony share their team’s experience:

“LS Fest is unlike any other event with its diversity in all different types of racing brought together under one roof, thanks to Holley Performance. It is such a blast to see all the awesome builds and level of competition – the atmosphere at LS Fest is way better than other drift event. Even though we are competing for a prize, everybody is just happy to partake and talk cars.”


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