Mad Mike’s 1200HP MX-5 Drift Car, Daigo Saito’s GT-R ,Yokoi’s S15 – Behind the Smoke 4 Eps.2

Mad Mike's 1200HP MX-5 Drift Car, Daigo Saito's GT-R ,Yokoi's S15 – Behind the Smoke 4 Eps.2

by GTChannel

At Formula Drift Round 2 Road Atlanta, Dai blows his engine minutes before qualifying. Unfortunately he wasn't able to compete at this event but Dai went undercover as a reporter to get the 411 on some of his competitors. He first interviews Mad Mike Whiddett who is making a comeback to Formula D with his Mazda MX5 RADBUL, followed by Masashi Yokoi in his D-Max S15 and Daigo Saito in the Achilles Radial GT-R powered by HKS.



Dai Yoshihara's Behind the Smoke is back for the 4th season on GTChannel! Dai is now an owner of his own professional Formula DRIFT team for the first time. He also has a wife and a baby to support now. Watch the new Dai face challenges and come along on his journey to reach the top of the podium again for the Formula Drift 2015 season!

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Opening theme song, “Ready Aim Fire,” by Alex Plowright

Additional music by Alien Nations:


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