Michelin X-Ice Xi3 snow tires: Just how good are they?


As you can see, this test happened in some fairly extreme weather.  In fact, we had a freezing rain for a few hours before the snow fell.  So we’re testing a combination of both snow and icy conditions against the red pick-up.


I’ll admit, if we were testing in 3 feet of snow, the red truck would win, hands down, because the minivan would be high sided and wouldn’t be able to move.  But we're testing in about 1-2 inches of snow over a layer of ice, which is mostly what we see here in the KC area if it snows.


The Goodyear all-season tires reportedly get Chad around fine in the snow.


In order to help the rear-wheel-drive traction, Chad also employs 300 lb of sand bags in the back.


So just how good are snow tires on a little minivan?  This pictures represents where the cars ended up after a 0-40-0mph run, having launched from the exact same starting point.  Yes, really.


Click to the next page to see just how staggering the numbers really are.

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