Mike Kojima Guest on HP Academy’s Podcast on Suspension!

We have always really liked the content that the guys from HP Academy create.  They share the same passion for technical excellence as we do and we were recently honored to have them feature our editor Mike Kojima on their podcast.  The podcast was one that focused on handling and vehicle dynamics.  Mike spoke about different setups used in drifting, road racing, and time attack in low and high-powered cars and cars with different aero loading.  Check it out and click on the links to go to HP Academy!

054: Unlock Your Car’s Full Handling Potential. [PODCAST]

054: Unlock Your Car’s Full Handling Potential.

There’s a good chance there’s more you could be doing to get the most out of your car’s handling capabilities, and this week’s guest — industry legend Mike Kojima of MotoIQ — is here to talk you through it.

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MotoIQ has long been a trusted source for technical knowledge covering a wide range of subjects, and although founder Mike Kojima is an automotive jack of all trades, it’s his vast knowledge of suspension tuning that we tap into for this episode.

Mike first talks us through basic suspension setup rules to live by, the pitfalls of cheap parts, and points out where he sees enthusiasts going wrong time and time again — it turns out that it’s not all that hard to take a step backward in handling performance when fitting new parts if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The episode then dives pretty deep into the finer details of handling, focusing on tire temps, front-wheel drive, and drift-specific wheel alignment secrets, as well as super-common issues that could be fixed relatively easily with a few tweaks.

Finishing up with a fascinating look into the world of Formula D suspension, wheel alignment, and tire setups, this episode is required listening for anyone that likes to go fast.

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  1. I follow HPA and Ive listened to this episode at least 3 times since it came out. Hoping Mike does another episode as he is a wealth of knowledge. I did like the story where Dai outran GT race cars in a drift car on some corners.

    Mike, could you point me for additional learning? Any books or resources you recommend? I am trying to dial in my S14 suspension and I feel like Im not getting anything right out of it.

      1. admittedly not very good, I got as far as geometry in high school. Science is solid, I am currently reading Engineer to Win.

  2. That was a great interview Mike. It made me want to learn more about chassis dynamics than I do now. I’m fortunate to have experts who design or tune my suspension. It’s just one more thing to focus on so I’ve tried to be hands off with actual geometry and damper tuning.

  3. Great to hear you on HP Academy Mike! I didn’t know they had a podcast. I’ve always enjoyed the educational nuggets on Motoiq, and will probably listen to this multiple times.
    It’s also neat to see a summary here.

  4. That was an amazing discussion, dense with content and knowledge. 1) Mike, your video presence is good on youtube. I enjoy the laid-back technical discussion VS the in-your-face click bait title / thumbnail that’s everywhere. You’re the same person in real life as you are in the video. If you keep that going, it will set you apart from the rest of the filler content that is out there. 2) Your social analysis of the drift scene was spot on and you did it in an understanding way that wasn’t just an old man yelling “get off my lawn” 3) your comment on making a living in motorsports was something I needed to hear. I’ve been looking for an escape from my 8-5, But I’m where I am meant to be and the warning of watching people ruin their lives chasing dreams was heeded. 4)If you or your team ever need help with the CAN bus decoding or electrical don’t hesitate to reach out. I enjoy that part!

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