Mine’s R35 GT-R VS Spoon NSX-R GT

Here’s some new video from GT Channel on some Japanese muscle cars. I’m over the 4 banger shit for now. Nothing against most 4 banger owners, but is it any coincidence that forums of 4 cylinders cars are where all of the little bitches, SPEs, FFFs, and VFBs all hang out? Perhaps that is why none of my personal cars have any less than 6 cylinders: because I’m not a little bitch, SPE, FFF, or VFB. Na, that’s not quite fair, but those assholes are ruining it for the rest of you cool 4 cylinder owners. Actually 6 cylinder forums can be wack too. Oh well. Anyhow, enjoy some video from the boys at GT Channel.

For more vids on Godzilla (R35) vs. the Unicorn (NSX), visit the link in my first sentence. Isn’t the Unicorn description pretty accurate? Maybe not for the spoon NSX-R (it’s pretty damn buff), but a stock NSX. Unicorns are kind of gay and fragile: just like a stock NSX. $90,000+ for a 14 year old car (back in 2005) that has no balls is pretty damn gay.

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