Mitsu EVO Turbos

I was talking to my friend in Japan today and he was telling me how the development of their EVO line of turbos is going to be available very soon. These are turbos for the EVO 4-9 that all bolt on to their intended application. The reason why I like these turbos is because they are genuine Mitsubishi turbos that have been tested and manufactured by Mitsubishi. The turbos you buy from little turbo shops here in America are basically slap togethers with “custom” made compressor wheels. The turbo on the EVOs are reverse rotation so what these turbo people do is digitize a wheel in some CAD software and then invert them. There is no testing, no development, or anything of the sort. Just reverse it, cut it out of billet, throw it in a turbo, run it in a car and that’s it. No burst testing, no fatigue testing, no durability testing, NOTHING. If the car ran an 11.0 1/4 mile on C-16 then it MUST be good. Bullshit. 1/4 mile and massive horsepower on C-16 isn’t everything people….It DOES NOT mean the turbo will work well on 91 octane pump gas.

Anyhow, I’ve tried some of the American EVO turbo upgrades and they just do not work to my satisfaction. Even if they make more power, they loose a ton of low end which to me is useless. When they do make more horsepower it isn’t even enough to be worth mentioning. Save your money people. Wait for the good shit. There’s nothing wrong with American turbos except for American EVO turbos – they suck. These turbos from Japan will have larger A/R housings, truly engineered center sections (CHRAs), and true OEM quality.

mitsu turbos.jpg

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