Mitsubishi Owners Day 2011

Early in the morning was a parade of Mitsubishi lining up to get in. The MOD staff did an excellent job keeping the lines despite the clusterfcuk of cars piling up on Holder St.

Waiting in line was this 1G Eclipse GSX on Hoosier slicks. This may not be a big deal to you guys in the other 49 states, but it takes some balls to do this with the Nazi cops we have here in Southern California.

Mitsubishi Motors North America hosts MOD on their own corporate parking lot located in Cypress, CA. There are probably around 10 continuous rows like this of enthusiast owned cars from Mitsubishi's history. This particular row is EVO X, Lancer Ralliarts, and standard Lancers.

There were plenty of 1G and 2G Eclipses.

Within the group of 1G Eclipses was another GSX on Hoosier slicks. This one even had a downpipe sticking out of the front bumper. I think I've got a thing for rolling on slicks on the street.

It may have been a little rough around the edges under the hood, but it was purpose built with a half sized Civic radiator, direct port NOS, and some kind of T3/T04E turbo. The owner says he's run 6.85 in the 1/8 mile so far.

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