More Power for the APD Acura TSX K24 A2 Engine!


More Power for the APD Acura TSX K24 A2 Engine!
Mike Welch from RRE is the man!

APD is extremely pleased with the overall results of the upgrade process and feels it should now be able to run wheel to wheel with Kojima’s extremely well prepared cars and give them a run for their money at the next MPTCC outing!. 

More Power for the APD Acura TSX K24 A2 Engine!
Holy crap, 39 whp and 24 lb/ft of torque more than before!  The power gains are big, fat and across the board.  Team MotoIQ is in trouble but the twin Nissans of Yoshihara and Kojima are undergoing development as well with more hp and improved aerodynamics on the way for Yoshihara’s car, more torque for Kojima’s and with new KW Motorsports suspension for both all due for testing.  If new gearing from Nissan Motorsports arrives in time, the Nissans should keep their edge!

They also feel a little power has been left on the table, the lack of intake manifold pressure at high rpm suggests a limitation of  airflow with the stock 04 TSX throttle body and intake manifold.

More Power for the APD Acura TSX K24 A2 Engine!
RRE’s dyno is less stingy that AEM’s.

Hmmmm…In 2006 Acura upgraded the TSX TB size from 60mm to 64mm and made some improvements in the intake manifold design as well… 06 OEM TB and Manifold, Higher flowing Acura RDX Injectors sourced through the Honda Racing Line program… Boost A Pump and an oxygenated fuel at the same price as pump gas…. makes you wonder…But that’s for next time!


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