More Than the Sum of Its Parts


More than the sum of its parts – yes, this comes from Aristotle and other great thinkers but before you wonder too much about how philosophical I am, allow me to point out that is not where the title for this article comes from. Look at this car and what has been accomplished with it. Most would agree that it is more than the sum of its parts. Likewise, this Father and Daughter team. We have both benefited from the knowledge and experience of others, allowing us results that may be more than the sum of our parts. And if you come to Canada and visit us at the track, when you look at the car you will see that there, among the many stickers, is a Potato Head sticker proudly proclaiming, “More than the sum of its Parts!”. It has been a part of our team for the past three years. Why are we successful – all of the above plus we are having fun and enjoying what we are doing. Sure, a championship is fun and a great thrill. Even more, the opportunity to challenge oneself on a track. Friendship and camaraderie where everyone is eager to step in and help another out and to celebrate with you when you have a good outing. Win, place or lose, we just want to drive!

Our season ended just in time. There was a minor transmission leak – observed by a small puddle on our driveway where the car is parked. This was followed by a couple of clunks, the metal kind, in the dtrain pan when I drained the transmission. Canadian winters are great for providing time to work on cars. Now, will I have enough time to get that GTi-R SR20DET installed for 2011?

Thanks to our partners:

Dave Schlueter
Rescon Racing
Carbotech Brakes
TrackMart DefNder
Assured Automotive – Toryork
Kitchener Nissan
WCI’s Transportation Technology Classes

We also appreciated the support of Talon Tire, Enmo Racing, Platinum Diesel Service and Stayner Travel Trailer Service.  We thank Sonia Tanney for letting us use her excellent photos (more of which can be seen on her website).  Most of all, Katie and I thank Pamela and Alisha for their support and patience as they endure our many lengthy track outings and God for keeping us safe and healthy.

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