MotoIQ How-To: Customize Your Avatar

MotoIQ How-To: Customize Your Avatar!

Wanna get rid of those silly icons next to the comments you make on MotoIQ articles? We’ve had a lot of you ask us how to do that over the past year and we’re finally getting around to telling you how to do it (officially)!

If you haven’t heard of them yet, those placeholding avatars can be replaced by Gravatars (an abbreviation for “globally recognized avatars”) but you need to go to to do it.

Once there, simply register an account using the same email you used to register on MotoIQ and whenever you post a comment to an article on MotoIQ the “gravatar” you upload on will automatically show up!



Note:  Contrary to what the video says, hovering over the picture isn’t gonna tell you squat about users on this site yet.


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