MotoIQ “Pirate” Radio: Jarod DeAnda and Friends

MotoIQ Radio, Will Cannady

MotoIQ “Pirate” Radio: Jarod DeAnda and Friends

By Will Cannady


In the episode on 3/28/12 at 7pm PST/10pm EST of MotoIQ Radio it will be a take over by Jarod DeAnda and friends, a word from the man himself:

“It's a takeover (for just an episode) NO format IS the format curated by “The Voice of Drift” Jarod DeAnda. Grab an internet connection, a beer and get involved! It's a non-hostile takeover! Whoever wants to call in, chat or get rowdy, CAN!
Drivers, owners, companies, fans, moms, grandparents call in & lets talk pre-season Formula Drift banter, cars, beers, bicycles, best eateries in your hood, foreign policy, whatever you got….
Could be an hour or like Lionel Richie “All night long”!”

 And there you have it, get ready for a awesome show.


Listen in HERE

Fall back position HERE

Past Episodes HERE

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