MotoIQ Radio: AEM’s Paul St. Clair, Playboy MX-5 Cup’s Beth Chryst, and Global Time Attack’s John Naderi


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 MotoIQ Radio: AEM's Paul St. Clair, Playboy MX-5 Cup's Beth Chryst, and Global Time Attack's John Naderi

By Justin Banner & Kerryann De La Cruz


AEM's Paul St. Clair will join us once again to give his background in Automotive Racing, AEM talk, and the future of AEM. Beth Chryst who races in the Playboy MX-5 Cup will come on after him to discuss the MX-5 Cup, a little about her career, and we'll get into a discussion about Mazda and its involvement in motorsports. Then, a man who needs no introduction, but I'll give him one anyway! From the Global Time Attack series, John “Nads” Naderi will join us to close out the show. We'll talk about the recent controversy on Nemo, the GTA season to this point, and what we can look towards for 2013 in GTA and Time Attack in general..


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7:00pm PST – Our first guest on the show was supposed to be our last guest on last week's show. However, my internet decided it didn't like me and kicked me where it hurt most, my connection. So, AEM's Paul St. Clair will make a, hopefully, welcome return to MotoIQ Radio. We'll talk to him about AEM, his past in motorsports, and the future of AEM. The nerds will dive into his brain and see what secrets we can get out of him for the latest in Motorsports Electronics!


Beth Chryst

7:30pm PST –  We'll have Beth Chryst join us over the phone to talk about her career, her venture into the Playboy MX-5 Cup, and Maybe I'll get her to open up about living in Virginia, too. Maybe prove to Mike we're not all rednecks!


John Naderi

8:15pm PST – Our final guest on the show will be a man of not so small stature, until he stands next to me. Global Time Attack's own John Naderi will join us to talk about Global Time Attack's present and future. We'll also talk about the recent controversy spurned right here on MotoIQ with Nemo and the current cut of time attack vehicles.


8:30pm PST – Finally, we'll wrap up the show with “Nads” on this episode and possibly talk even more about Time Attack. Maybe talk cutlery and why it isn't a good idea to sling shirts off the 405.


Tune in to MotoIQ Radio this Wednesday, September 19th at 7pm PST/10pm EST and hear the finest in automotive entertainment with your hosts, Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz! Yes, we will be using Livestream this week and will stick with it until we find something better and more consistant. We're getting there folks, just slowly.


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