MotoIQ Radio: Billy Johnson and Chris Jeanneret

MotoIQ RadioMotoIQ Radio: Billy Johnson and Chris Jeanneret

by Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

It's a MotoIQ kind of night on MotoIQ Radio! Billy Johnson will join us tonight to talk about his Bimmer Project and his visit with Kooks Headers. We'll see where he's going with the E90 and what he really thinks about Kooks. Then, Chris Jeanneret will join us to talk about his new S2000 Formula Drift effort and his partnership with MotoIQ. He's a car geek like us here, so it's great to have him on and be able to really get into the details of his S2K build!

Man, we're starting to become BavarianIQ more than MotoIQ since we have so many BMW projects. I'll ask Billy Johnson about his and what will set it apart.

He also went to Kooks Headers to get the exhaust for his E90 project. We'll ask him about his factory tour and what he thought of Kooks overall.

Then we'll have Speedfactory's latest driver come on the show, Formula Drift driver Chris Jeanneret. We'll ask him why he went with a S2000 despite its competition history in FD.

We've partnered up with him, too! You'll find out why as we geek out on car stuff along with what we can get out of him on his 2014 Formula Drift season.

Tune in to MotoIQ Radio 2/20 at 8pm PST/11pm EST and hear the finest in automotive entertainment with your host, Justin Banner and co-host, Kerryann. Again, we'll be using our MotoIQ Google + Page and Google Hangouts OnAir from here on. Please click the link below to join us at 8pm (PST)! Don't forget, if you have questions for any of our guests post them below or on our MotoIQ Facebook Page.

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