MotoIQ Radio: Doug MacMillian from HONDATA
MotoIQ Radio HONDATA Doug MacMillan podcast

MotoIQ Radio:  Doug MacMillian from HONDATA


We had Doug MacMillian the founder of HONDATA, one of the pillars of the Honda tuning community, on the show this Wednesday night. Most people have heard the HONDATA name even if you are not a Honda fan. The discussion we had tonight was amazing. It was truly a honor to speak to Doug and we got into the history of the company and how they got started. Doug is a avid bonnevile salt rat and his twin supercharged RSX-S can really cook on the salt. You can see videos HERE.  We went through all the product offerings and some of the new applications. The company also did some work on the Ariel Atom and utilized their products to make the supercharged version really put down some numbers. I hope you all enjoy the show and let your friends know about MotoIQ Radio.

HERE is the audio from the call.



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