MotoIQ Radio: Edo Stepanyan, John Kutcha of Specialty Cars Fab, and MPTCC Round 3 and Dan Brockett for the Driftpocalypse and Spotting in Formula D

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MotoIQ Radio: Edo Stepanyan, John Kuchta of Specialty Cars Fab, and Dan Brockett for the Driftpocalypse and Spotting in Formula D
By Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

Round 3 of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul was run this weekend and we'll have Edo Stepanyan on to discuss it. While he wasn't able to win both races, he was able to keep his points lead and we'll see what happened to usually dominate M-Factory Integra driver. We'll also have Dan Brockett who is better know as Officer Dan from the Drift videos and we'll talk about the latest one “The Driftpocalypse”. We'll also see what it's like from his view in the spotter's stand for Danny George!

MotoIQ Radio

Edik Stepanyan, who is normally dominate in the MPTCC, had an off weekend for the M-Factory Integra team. We'll talk to him tomorrow night about what happened and what the strategy is going forward for Race 4 at Buttonwillow.

MotoIQ Radio



Was it really because Fontana favors strong, Rear Wheel Drive cars or was there more going on in during the race. We'll you judge that as Edo goes over his weekend.


John Kuchta

So, what does it take to make a beautiful dash like this? We'll talk to John Kuchta of Specialty Cars Fab to see how he does it every day! Heard he started out as a master jeweler!

Dan Brockett

We'll then have the world famous Dan Brockett, also known as Officer Dan on the show after Edo. He'll talk about the latest drift video “The Driftpocalypse”. There was a lot of action in that video and a lot of street drifting, too. We'll ask him how the town allowed them to do that and what it's like being “Officer Dan.”
Danny George
We'll also talk to him about his other role; Dan Brockett, spotter for Danny George. How did he get started with Danny and how has the year been as a spotter in the Professional Ranks.

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