MotoIQ Radio: Edo Stepanyan & Nexen’s surprising exit from Formula Drift

MotoIQ RadioMotoIQ Radio: Edo Stepanyan and Nexen's suprising exit from Formula Drift

by Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

If there is one thing about Southern California that I've learned in my three years living here, we aren't prepared for any type of weather. Even our racers because there will be a venue change for this weekend's MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships. We'll talk to 2013 series champion Edik Stepanyan about that and what he'll be planning for in 2014. Nexen made a very surprising and sudden decision to not be a competing tire brand in Formula Drift in 2014. We'll discuss that and see if we can't bring in a Formula Drift guest to talk about it. It's still breaking and former Nexen drivers are scrambling to find a new tire sponsor with less than 1 month to go.

Rain, rain, don't freaking come to Southern California or you'll ruin the plans of racers here! Well, too late for that wish as the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships will be run at a different venue for Round 1.

Racing is hard to predict, but we'll talk to 2013 MPTCC Champion, Edik Stepanyan, about what we'll expect for Round 1 and beyond. Yes, it is very likely we'll be racing indoors this weekend. Stay tuned!

Word is just starting to break as I type this, but Nexen Tire has announced a drastic change for 2014. They will not be competing in Formula Drift. Rumors are flying, but it is confirmed that Nexen will not be in FD.


It's such a late braking story, that we are still trying to gather information and see if any now former Nexen drivers will be able to come on to talk and maybe even push themselves for new tire sponsors. If you want to come on, let us know! Regardless, Kerryann and I will discuss the ramifications this news has on not only Nexen but those drivers as well.


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