MotoIQ Radio Episdoe 49: The Listener show

MotoIQ Radio, Will Cannady

MotoIQ Radio:  The Listener Show

By Will Cannady


In the episode on 7/11/12 at 7pm PST/10pm EST of MotoIQ Radio we will be doing a listener call in show. I have wanted to do a show that featured the listeners.  It has always been about you all and I want to listen to what you all have to say.  I also want to ask you all to comment on trends, styles, classic cars, motorsports and more. If you want to be a part of the discussion be sure to be in the chat room when the show starts and don't be shy. I will be using skype so, if you have skype get with me prior to so we can connect and make things go smoothly. If you want the number to call email me and we can make it happen. I look forward to your ideas and opinions. Some of the topics I want to talk about are: motorsports, the show scene, stance, the future, hybrids, small displacement and boost, etc.  Thanks for your support and let your friends know what's going down for this show.

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