MotoIQ Radio Episode 10: Martin Gonzales updates on the MPTCC, Nikolas Malechikos from the North American Festival of Speed, John Naderi with the Global Time Attack Recap
MotoIQ Radio, Will Cannady

MotoIQ Radio: Martin Gonzales, Nikolas Malechikos and John Naderi

By Will Cannady

In this episode on 9/21/11 at 7pm PST/10pm EST of MotoIQ Radio we open with Martin Gonzales from MotoIQ to give us updates about the MPTCC – 2011 Season Announcement . From there we will speak to Nikolas Malechikos creator of the North American Festival of Speed. We will discuss his departure from Redline Track Events and the creation of this new event. From what I hear this will be quite a exciting festival atmosphere surrounding motorsports. Being positioned around SEMA, this year following the convention, it offers those who cannot get into the industry only event an opportunity to get a taste of all types of motorsports with some of the same vendors in attendance to the big show. after Nikolas we have John Naderi, the grand poobah of Global Time Attack, with a recap of this weekends crazyness at Chicago's Autobahn Speedway. We will discuss times, records and who got the steak knives. Check out MotoIQ's own Wes Dumalski's article covering  Global Time Attack Round 3 – The Chicago Recap dovetails nicely don't you think?

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