MotoIQ Radio Episode 13: Formula Drift Final Event And Season Recap
MotoIQ Radio, Will Cannady

MotoIQ Radio: Formula Drift Final Event And Season Recap

By Will Cannady

In the episode on 10/12/11 at 7pm PST/10pm EST of MotoIQ Radio, Justin Banner will be back riding shotgun on this drift show. This event was AMAZING, if you missed it you have to do three things; 1) go read Justing Banner's coverage below, 2) go check out the Behind The Smoke by GTChannel below, 3) go to and watch all the videos from the event. The event was amazing and knowing in the back of my mind that the spread between first and fifth was 51 points. My thinking was that everyone one was gunning for the top spot and were not going to hold back. Watching qualifying seeing what the scores were, I expected to see some very interesting battles once competition started. The track claimed a few cars and broke a few hearts.  The points separating first and second was 5.75 points. Either way, it was amazing event and I hope that this recap will bring insights from the drivers and behind the scenes people. I am still getting my guest list together but as of today, I have Tyler McQuarrie, winner of the event, Vaughn Gittin JR, 2010 champion, Jim Liaw, Co-founder of Formula Drift and Jarod DeAnda, the voice of drifting. Check back for updates on guests for the show.


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