MotoIQ Radio Episode 30: Local Motors

MotoIQ Radio, Will Cannady

MotoIQ Radio Episode 30: John Burton Rogers of Local Motors

By Will Cannady


In the episode on 2/15/12 at 7pm PST/10pm EST of MotoIQ Radio, I bring you a company with an idea that I have been following for some time now. Local Motors is, what I feel, is the perfect combination of crowd sourcing ideas and the ability to make them come true. with all the technologies available right now for manufacturing on a small scale with high quality, I believe Local Motors has put together a system and a process that can bring some of these ideas to light. At the head of Local Motors, John Burton Rogers brings the passion and the know how to make it work. Below you will see a picture of the end result of this process of concept, refinement, prototype and production. The Rally Fighter has all the specs and components for a awesome truck. Did I mention that it is street legal? Did I mention that you can build it yourself? Did I mention that this truck is open source, which means if you have the skills with CAD you can develop your own aftermarket parts for this truck? The reason why I believe that the MotoIQ readers will enjoy this interview is because all of you have a eye for form and function. You are all enthusiasts who can think outside of the box and because of that I am challenging you to join Local Motors community and offer your input and possibly start our own concept. I really hope you enjoy this interview and join Local Motors.


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