MotoIQ Radio: Formula Drift/DMCC driver Dave Briggs and 86Fest Review with Antonio Alvendia and Kevin Tidwell of MotorMavens

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MotoIQ Radio: Formula Drift/DMCC Driver Dave Briggs and 86Fest Review with Antonio Alvendia and Kevin Tidwell of MotorMavens
By Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

Really cool show in store for you guys this Thursday! We have recent DMCC winner and Formula Drift Driver, Dave Briggs, joining us. We'll talk DMCC payouts, compare Canadian Drifting to American Drifting, and what it's like to drive a full season in Formula Drift. Yes, we'll even ask about that 700+ Horsepower SR20VET engine! Then we'll review 86Fest that happened this past weekend at Autoclub Speedway. It's put on by Antonio Alvendia and Kevin Tidwell of MotorMavens, but we were allowed out there to give a Nerd's View of a Car Show! That and more on the next MotoIQ Radio!

MotoIQ Radio

We start the show Thursday with DMCC and Formula Drift Driver, Dave Briggs. He just recently won the last round of the DMCC and he made quite the stir in Formula Drift with his 700+ horsepower SR20VET.

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Dave made his Formula Drift debut last year on a limited schedule, so it will be interesting to hear the differences from this year to last have been. We'll also talk about a big difference between DMCC and Formula Drift; the payouts.


86Fest II

86Fest is in the books and we'll take a mix of the Nerd's Eye View and the view of the MotorMavens, Antonio Alvendia and Kevin Tidwell.


86s of New and Old came out to show off or play at the second annual 86Fest. We'll look into 86Fest 2012 and compare it to 2013.
86Fest II
While we tend to get Nerdy with the Autocross, we'll look into the winners from the car show with the help of Antonio and Kevin!

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