MotoIQ Radio: Formula Drift Driver, Danny George, TORC Driver Casey Currie, and AEM’s Paul St. Clair


MotoIQ Radio

 MotoIQ Radio: Formula Drift Driver Danny George, TORC Driver Casey Currie, and AEM's Paul St. Clair

By Justin Banner & Kerryann De La Cruz


You've seen him in action, you've seen the car, you've seen the crab, and you've seen the other great beard of drift this side of Bil Baldwin, but just “Who Is Danny George?!” We'll get him on LIVE in studio with us for this show! Then we have TORC driver Casey Currie calling in to talk off road, TORC, their own V8 controversy, and his own history of his family with Currie Enterprises. Finally, we'll have AEM's Paul St. Clair to give his background in Automotive Racing, AEM talk, and the future of AEM.


Danny George

7:00pm PST – Who Is Danny George? He's the man who pilots the Crab Broker V8 Mazda Miata in Formula Drift. We'll interview him live and in person! Could this also be a new way for MotoIQ Radio? We'll have to see!


Corry Weller

7:30pm PST –  We'll have Traxxas TORC Pro Lite class driver, Casey Currie on with us. He's had back to back wins at Crandon and will be talking about the TORC Series. We'll also dive a bit into their own V8 controversy in Pro Lite. See, it's not just drifting that screams blood murder about V8s! We'll also talk about his past and future in racing, then finally a bit about his family's business, Currie Enterprises.


AEM Logo

8:00pm PST – Our final guest on the show will be AEM's Paul St. Clair. We'll talk to him about AEM, his past in motorsports, and the future of AEM. The nerds will dive into his brain and see what secrets we can get out of him for the latest in Motorsports Electronics!


8:30pm PST – Finally, we'll wrap up the show with Paul on this episode and possibly talk more with Danny George as he continues to sit in with me. Probably bored to tears at this point!


Tune in to MotoIQ Radio this Wednesday, September 12th at 7pm PST/10pm EST and hear the finest in automotive entertainment with your hosts, Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz!


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