MotoIQ Radio: Joon Maeng, Kyle Mohan, Stephanie Cemo, and Yukio Taira

MotoIQ RadioMotoIQ Radio: Joon Maeng, Kyle Mohan, Stephanie Cemo, and Yukio Taira

by Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

After all the breaking news about Nexen last week, drivers were still in shock by the time MotoIQ Radio was to be aired. Now that a week has passed, we'll now see what two former Nexen drivers are doing for 2014. We'll first have Joon Maeng on to discuss what the next step is for him after some pretty big changes from last year. Then we'll have Kyle Mohan on to talk about his program and see how progress is being made on the Mazdatrix RX-8. While the MPTCC couldn't play in the rain, Global Time Attack's ProAm Shift Sector decided that Buttonwillow was dry enough to hold their first two rounds. We'll talk to Stephanie Cemo and Yukio Taira about that and how wet Buttonwillow really was.

This is going to be one that hurts drivers for a little while and a company for a very long time. With such a late exit out of Formula Drift, Nexen has left many drivers high and dry for the 2014 season with about 30 days left. While Kerryann and I could only ponder, we couldn't speak directly for the drivers. Now, we have two of them. First will be Joon Maeng and we'll ask him who he's been able to move to and how that changes his entire program for 2014.

Then we'll speak to Kyle Mohan who has been on Nexens since the start of their Formula Drift competition debut. We'll ask him how he's coping and what he plans to do from here.

You know, if you know Yukio Taira you know to expect him in one of these if he tracks a car, but, uh, he wasn't. Of all things, he was in a Honda Civic sedan that had no turbo! Is he crossing into the dark side?! We'll ask him and if the secret to speed is Red Bull and cigarettes.

We'll also interview Stephanie Cemo, who also decided that Buttonwillow wasn't wet enough to driver her 2009 Corvette ZR1. Yes, you read that right. We'll ask her what that was like and how it felt to pass Yukio in his slow Civic.

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