MotoIQ Radio: Kerryann talks about the California Superbike School

MotoIQ RadioMotoIQ Radio: Kerryann talks about the California Superbike School

by Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

Kerryann mentioned it last week, she went back to school! Well, alright, it was the California Superbike School. She's actually been riding for many years so I'll ask her what she learned, relearned, and what to stop doing. We'll then touch on the bike she was able to ride on and get a quick review on it and the school itself. We'll also talk a little IMSA, Formula 1, and NASCAR to see what the hell is going wrong with motorsports in 2014. Got comments on what you've seen of any of these series? We'll have a Facebook hashtag for you to use so we can comment on it!


While you're probably well learned and have many years of experience on them, it never hurts to go back to a school to catch up on the latest techniques on the thing you ride or drive.

That's where the California Superbike School comes in. Kerryann went there last weekend to catch up on the latest on how to ride a motorcycle and possibly unlearn some bad habits.

She got to learn on this awesome looking BMW street bike and she'll tell us about it and her experience at the school overall.

Finally, we'll talk about the rough ride that motorsports has been on since the start of the road racing season. IMSA screwing up penalties, Formula 1 engines sound poor, and NASCAR killing tires at Fontana. We'll have a discussion and we want you involved! If you have a comment on any of those sports, use #MotoIQRadio and we'll talk about them or get your voice heard!

Tune in to MotoIQ Radio 3/27 at 8pm PST/11pm EST and hear the finest in automotive entertainment with your host, Justin Banner and co-host, Kerryann. Again, we'll be using our MotoIQ Google + Page and Google Hangouts OnAir from here on. Please click the link below to join us at 8pm (PST)! Don't forget, if you have questions for any of our guests post them below or on our MotoIQ Facebook Page.

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