MotoIQ Radio: MotoIQ Land Speed Record S13 Project driver Chuck Johnson and Godspeed Driver Ken Suen

MotoIQ Radio

MotoIQ Radio: MotoIQ Land Speed Record S13 Project driver Chuck Johnson and Godspeed Driver Ken Suen
By Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

Tonight, we'll talk with MotoIQ's very own Chuck Johnson about Project 240SX LSR, his recent land speed record, and his upcoming attempt to enter the Bonneville 200 MPH club. If you want to know what it's like going as fast as you can with no stops, cops, or curves; you'll want to listen to Chuck tonight. He'll also explain what it takes to reach the speed in a SR-Powered S13, too. Then we have Godspeed Project Driver, Ken Suen, join us live while he's on the road to Buttonwillow for an open test day. We'll talk about Dark Knight and Big Red and we don't mean the movie and the chewing gum. We're talking Garrett Turbo powered RSX and his famous 9th Generation Civic SI.

MotoIQ Radio

It has to be interesting to hit 200MPH on a salt flat or dry lake bed. We'll talk to Chuck Johnson first about it and see what it takes to hit that speed in a S13

Of course, being the nerds that we are, the MotoIQ Land Speed Record S13 isn't short on technology where it's allowed.

Ken Suen

Ken Suen joins us to talk about the latest in Big Red and his newest ride, the Dark Knight. Dark Knight is a Garrett Turbo powered Acura RSX and Ken will let us in on its little details. Well, just enough so that Clint Boisdeau will get jealous. We're kidding Clint!
Big Red
It's been a while since Big Red has been on track. Last time Ken took it out was at the Modified Magazine Street Car Shootout. Has there been any changes and what are the new plans for Big Red? Is the Super Lap Battle in the cards for 2013? Find out tonight!

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