MotoIQ Radio: Motovicity Ticket to Ride Review and Project Updates

MotoIQ RadioMotoIQ Radio: Motovicity Ticket to Ride Review and Project Updates

by Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

Our Motovicity Ticket to Ride stories are just starting to heat up! We'll dive into the FR-S build and then go into the start of the Mustang. We'll then dive into some of the news coming out of our sponsors and of our very own projects as they go along! Got comments or questions tonight? We'll have a Facebook hashtag for you to use so we can comment on it!


Our Motovicity Ticket to Ride series has now come to the crescendo with the on track comparison of the Mustang and the FR-S.

Since we rented out Irwindale Speedway with Motovicity, it was set up in a great Roval style. Possibly something that could be set up at another time with Irwindale perhaps? We'll see.

We had two pro drivers test stock and winner built cars: Mike Essa and Tyler McQuarrie. Kerryann and I will review the builds and what the drivers thought.

Then we'll look into updates of our project cars here at MotoIQ from Project 350Z…

Brian Kleeman

To Nick's BMW 325is. We'll also go through some manufacturer news of the week!

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