MotoIQ Radio: SEMA Show Review and the AV8SCO Nissan Altima


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 MotoIQ Radio: SEMA Show Review and Nissan's AV8SCO Altima

By Justin Banner & Kerryann De La Cruz


With so much going on last week, we need to bring you the Nerd's Eye View of what happened at the SEMA Show! You'll get J-Bann's view as a booth working and Kerryann's view as, well, Enkei's eye candy. Is it really as boring as it seems being stuck in a booth? We'll also discuss the new challenger in the Australian V8 Super Car series, the Nissan Altima. How did it wind up that a V6 Front Wheel Drive car is in a V8 Rear Wheel Drive series? We'll let you in on that little secret.


7:00pm PST – We'll start the nearly all content show on the show of shows. Well, the show of shows for the aftermarket crowd; the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Justin went down last year as a gawking nerd and this year he worked at the Mackin Industries booth slinging wheels to dealers. How did that go down and how many times did people pick up wheels when they weren't supposed to? He'll tell you! – Picture courtesy of Ultimate 86 Motorsports


7:30PM PST –  Then Kerryann will talk about what it's like to work as a “booth babe” in the Enkei Wheels Booth. Should be a very interesting perspective. She also was able to wander the show halls and see some of the more interesting cars and contraptions of the SEMA Show. – Picture courtesy of Enkei Wheels


8:00PM PST-ish – Then the little bit of craziness that is Nissan will come to a head. We'll talk about Nissan's Newest effort into the Australian V8 Super Car series with the world's only V8, RWD Altima. – Photo provided by Nissan 

Todd Kelly Racing – Todd Kelly is no stranger to the AV8SCO series, but he's usually associated with the Jack Daniels 7 Holden Commodore. Well, now it will be the Jack Daniels 7 Nissan Altima. Todd's been racing since he was 12 years old in go karts in Australia, so he's no stranger to racing by a long shot. We'll dive into the car and Todd Kelly Racing. – Photo provided by Nissan


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